To Whom It May Concern:
What I am doing here is not for you
Not for your judgment or your appraisal
not for your assessment or your arousal
no boy I know has ever been told he shouldn’t play
couldn’t play

I am no longer interested in shouldn’ts
or couldn’ts or rules not written for me
I am not worried about getting too big or too strong
or too fast
or too full of myself
I do not agree that “playing like a man” is a compliment
What I am doing here is not for you
Movement is a movement
My effort, my ambition, my desire for me
For every woman, every girl
who dares to see herself as something more
Than a body to be rated a score to be kept

When I play, I keep my own score
When I play, I know who I am
When I play, I forget how it feels to be boxed in to be boxed out
When I play, I feel no shame
When I play, I remember How it feels to be free
This court
This field
This world too small to hold me
When I play I know I won’t be undone I won’t be unsung
My humility
My humanity
My movement a movement
This is not the end of my dream
This Is where I
Wake Up

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